Fund Details
ISIN LU0179106983
WKN 593125
Valoren Number 1704608
Investment Focus European Equities Family businesses
Currency EUR
Bid Price 122,57 EUR / 23 Oct 2020
Ask Price 128,70 EUR / 23 Oct 2020
AUM 44.57 Mio. EUR / 23 Oct 2020
Intermediate Profit 0.00 EUR / 23 Oct 2020
Profit per Share 0.00%
Last Distribution 0,3000 EUR / 24 Apr 2020
Inception Date 19 Nov 2003
Financial Year 01.01. - 31.12.
Distribution Payout
KAG GS&P Kapitalanlagegesellschaft S.A.
Custodian Bank DZ PRIVATBANK S.A.
Front-end Load up to 5.00%
Management Fee up to 1.30% p.a.
Custodian Fee 0.05% p.a.
Investment Philosophy
Family businesses form the backbone of western economies. Numerous scientific studies have shown that, due to the high degree of matching interests, owner-operated companies are more successful in the long term than manager-led companies. Family businesses are more flexible and have a stronger long-term orientation. The GS&P Fonds Family Business invests in listed European companies that are majoritarian controlled or managed by their owners.
Investment Strategy
With the help of comprehensive key figures from different fields, the entrepreneurial substance, quality, market valuation and market sentiment are considered for investment decisions. Based on a quantitative process, added with a qualitative analysis, the portfolio contains about 40 stocks. These stocks are located in the Small Cap and Mid Cap area as well as in higher capitalized companies.
Funds prospectus
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